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Inventory of plywood production distribution in China

plywood factory

Plywood is the main type of wood-based panel in China. Because of plywood’s high utilization rate of wood, strong decoration and high tolerance, it is widely used in furniture, home furnishing, aircraft, packaging and many other fields. The regional distribution of plywood production in China is uneven, mainly concentrated in East China and South China. […]

China’s import of Russian plywood has increased by 1.5 times, becoming a unique “corridor” for the supply of wood products in the western market

China becomes gateway for Russian plywood to Western markets The company “Russian Forest Information” told RBC newspaper that from January to September 2022, the delivery of plywood from Russia to China will increase by 1.5 times. Information Office Manager Pavel Chasin pointed out that due to the imposition of sanctions, China has become a unique […]

What are the 4 reasons plywood glue doesn’t stick and cracks?

In the current panel furniture, almost all the furniture needs to use the board product, and different types of boards have different physical properties. In furniture panels, all panels will face such a problem: the problem of glue. Glue cracking is a very important factor affecting the quality of the board, and the quality of […]

How to choose your plywood supplier?

Film Faced Plywood

Building formwork is a necessary building material in construction projects. Choosing a building formwork with good quality and high turnover can not only speed up construction efficiency, but also save material costs. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the correct building formwork manufacturer.

Why We Choose Basswood Plywood?

Basswood Plywood was also good You may not be familiar with the material of basswood plywood, but when it comes to plywood, everyone knows that it is thin, brittle and not strong. It is true that solid wood has many basswood plywood without advantages, but have you considered that with the development of technology, the […]

Panel furniture, how to distinguish stickers and veneers?

With the increasing status of custom furniture in the furniture market, most of the custom furniture, the raw materials are composite panels, so panels are currently being used in large quantities.   Compared with solid wood furniture, panel furniture is more affordable, and the surface veneer is more and more realistic and has a variety […]

Which is better, Melamine plywood or MDF?

1. MDF MDF is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, after cooking, it is ground into fine fibers, added with an appropriate amount of adhesive, and pressed under a certain temperature and pressure. High density and high strength. At present, MDF has become the main material of most wardrobe manufacturers. […]

Environmental level of plywood

Today, I will popularize the environmental protection level of the board, and everyone should take notes! 1. Hazard of formaldehyde I. Formaldehyde is a toxic gas, listed by the World Health Organization on the list of carcinogens. It can be combined with proteins and can stimulate human skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, resulting in edema […]

The formaldehyde problem of furniture board can be solved


When it comes to the formaldehyde problem of furniture boards, many friends will say, buy solid wood. In fact, the average person is unlikely to avoid wood-based panels in their homes. On the one hand, it is because the cost of using solid wood in the whole house is too high, and the other is […]

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