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film faced plywood

China film faced plywood manufacturer

Yachen is one of the best film faced plywood manufacturers. We have 10 years of manufacturing experience in the field of film faced plywood. Can provide you with the most affordable film faced plywood price, we can produce phenolic film faced plywood, film faced birch plywood, 12mm film faced plywood, 18mm black film faced plywood and so on. Colors can be produced black, white, brown film faced plywood and more

yachen: China film faced plywood manufacturer

    YaChen is a professional film faced plywood manufacturer and supplier. Through our exceptional client relationships and impeccable service, we can deliver premium film faced plywood anywhere in the world. Yachen is a manufacturer of all kinds of film faced plywood according to your requirements. Send us your ideal film faced plywood and we are happy to meet all your acrylic sheet needs.

One Time Hot Pressed

Two Times Hot Pressed

Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood

Pp Plastic Plywood

Finger Joint Core Fim Faced Plywood

Joint Core plywood

film faced plywood product configuration parameters

Product:Film Faced Plywood
Size :1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm,610x2440mm,625x2500mm etc as request
Thickness:8mm-25mm etc as request
Core :Finger joint,Poplar,Eucalyptus,Combi,Birch
Glue:MR,WBPMelamine,WBP Phenolic
Film:Dynea Film,Black Film,Brown Film, Red Film,GreenPVC Film, Anti-Slip Film
Mositure Content:8-12%

The production plant of the relevant film faced plywood

Yachen has complete competence in the manufacture of film faced plywood and we can show you how to combine the right features into your product according to your final application.

film faced plywood raw material

film faced plywood cold pressed

film faced plywood cold pressed

Film hot pressing

Film hot pressing

film faced plywood Packing for delivery

Packing for delivery

Yachen: Professional china film faced plywood suppliers

As one of the leading film faced plywood manufacturers in China, Yachen has been in the acrylic manufacturing industry for over 10 years. Whether you need architectural film faced plywood or want to customize film faced plywood into final products such as film faced birch plywood, film faced marine plywood, 18mm phenolic plywood, poplar film faced plywood and more, Yachen can always provide you the best solution. Just send us your detailed requirements and get an instant quote.

A collection of film faced plywood product problems

Application areas of film faced plywood

     Mainly used in high-rise buildings, shear walls, vertical wall panels, and formwork for dams, tunnels and bridges such as overpasses and arch bridges, beams and columns.

     It is used in civil buildings and industrial buildings with certain requirements;

     film faced plywood is used in industrial buildings and industrial buildings in general;

     According to the above, the main difference between them lies in the process of formwork production and whether the surface needs to be plastered and decorated after pouring concrete, and the different requirements for the use of buildings.

How to choose an engineering construction formwork?

Construction template is a common type of engineering plate, engineering construction template purchase skills need to master, in order to avoid some pits in the procurement process, construction wood templates to buy a big deal, today Linyi construction template manufacturers Yachen wood industry to take you to understand how to choose engineering construction template and laminated plywood purchase common sense.

        The first thing to consider when choosing a construction template is the geographical location factor, look at the specific construction site of the project, and then according to the local climate and topography and other factors to select the construction template, to adapt to local conditions, some harsh conditions in the region, to choose a special construction template.

         When selecting the construction formwork, pay attention to check whether the specification size of the construction formwork conforms to the national state regulations, only the construction formwork that conforms to the national standard can guarantee the smooth implementation of the project.

  The role of construction formwork in engineering has become increasingly important, the widespread use of construction formwork has made the mixed-earth project very simple and efficient, we must pay attention to the above points when selecting construction formwork.


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