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oSB roofing boards Manufacturer

OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction. It is now more popular than plywood, commanding 66% of the North American structural panel market.The most common uses are as sheathing in walls, flooring, and roof decking.

  • OSB/0 – No added formaldehyde
  • OSB/1 – General-purpose boards and boards for interior fitments (including furniture) for use in dry conditions
  • OSB/2 – Load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions
  • OSB/3 – Load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions
  • OSB/4 – Heavy-duty load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions

What is OSB

Oriented strand board (OSB) is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations. It was invented by Armin Elmendorf in California in 1963. OSB may have a rough and variegated surface with the individual strips of around 2.5 cm × 15 cm (1.0 by 5.9 inches), lying unevenly across each other, and is produced in a variety of types and thicknesses.

Product By Size

OSB Product type

osb 18mm

OSB 11mm

osb 22mm

osb 15mm

osb 9mm

osb1 osb2 osb3 osb4

osb 10mm


osb 25mm

china OSB

osb 3 12mm

osb board 9mm

osb board 9mm

The above OSB product data is for reference only, the actual product shall prevail, you can contact customer service for customization

Product By Features

OSB Product type

osb roofing boards

osb1 osb2 osb3 osb4

osb board for flat roof


osb3 roofing boards

photobank - 2023-09-07T152741.456

osb board for flat roof


waterproofing osb subfloor

osb siding for shed

Product By OSB

Formaldehyde free

No glue or coagulant is added in the whole production process, so formaldehyde and benzene that are harmful to the human body will not be produced, and the health and environmental protection quality is excellent. 


The waterproof performance is very outstanding, and it will not be affected if it is placed in a relatively humid environment indoors for a long time, and it is not easy to cause the problem of fading.

High hardness

You will find that you can drill and chisel at will, and through a variety of processing methods, you can change the limitations of the plate itself,

easy to process

In the production of furniture, paint can be applied directly, so as to retain the original wood effect and make the product more artistic.

YACHEN:Factory of China plywood

  • 10 years manufacturing experience
  • Tailor-made plate solutions from our professional design and technical team
  • 24/7 one-to-one expert customer service and technical support
osb paving process

Specialized production equipment

The adhesive resins types used include: urea-formaldehyde (OSB type 1, nonstructural, nonwaterproof); isocyanate-based glue (or PMDI poly-methylene diphenyl diisocyanate based) in inner regions with melamineurea-formaldehyde or phenol formaldehyde resin glues at surface (OSB type 2, structural, water resistant on face); phenol formaldehyde resin throughout (OSB types 3 and 4, structural, for use in damp and outside environments).

  • Integrated production line
  • Professional operation team
  • Clean and hygienic, dust-free workshop

production ability

OSB plywood
OSB paving
flip machine

OSB application areas

waterproof OSB flooring

The osb waterproof floor comprises a first waterproof layer, an osb substrate layer, a second waterproof layer, a sound insulation layer, a third waterproof layer and a finishing layer arranged in sequence from bottom to top;

OSB garage ceiling

Either cover the walls or create separate modules for rooms that completely cover the board. There are houses and all the walls have this material.

OSB siding for shed

Either cover the walls or create separate modules for rooms that completely cover the board. There are houses and all the walls have this material.

China OSB sheet production supplier

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Related Products

OSB Sheet Related Articles

In recent years, the application of OSB board in furniture has achieved unprecedented development. Many large furniture companies have begun to use OSB board to make furniture. The reason why it is popular among consumers is that it has no formaldehyde release and is strong and durable. From floor to ceiling, to furniture, to wall panels, to dining table, to stairs, by painting in different colors, the powerful flexibility of OSB board gives designers great space to play.

1. Furniture
We can make our own custom furniture from this material, from tables, bookshelves, stools, cabinets and even sofas.

2. Walls and Wall Partitions
Either cover walls or create separate modules for rooms that completely cover the board. There are houses and all the walls have this material.

3. Kitchen
Also see kitchens using OSB panels on furniture doorways or on the same island.

4. Bathroom
Strangely, you can also see that the walls and roof of the bathroom have OSB as the only material, while others are on the ground.

5. Stairs
As you read, it’s also possible to build an entire staircase out of this material, and even have OSBs on the balustrades to give any staircase an imposing look.

6. Design of shops and premises
Without a doubt, it is one of the best and most used places. With its close-to-industrial look, it’s an ideal area to show off the properties of this material. In the store, imagination is always easier, so the choices are endless. Some stores completely cover the ceiling with OSB, others create shelves to display products, or use at counters, etc.

7. Roofing and other housing use

8. OSB wood floor

There is no difference, both are the same thing. This kind of board is a kind of directional structural board which has been deoiled, glued, directional pavement and hot-pressed. The whole is uniform and the internal bonding strength is high. Whether it is the middle part or the edge part, it has stronger nail holding ability than ordinary plates.

The application of osong board in furniture has been unprecedentedly developed. Many large furniture companies have begun to use osong board to make furniture. The reason why it is popular among consumers is that it has low formaldehyde emission, is strong and durable, and has a higher density than medium density. Furniture made of fiberboard (medium fiberboard) and particleboard (also known as solid wood particle board, melamine board) is light in weight.

Ou Song board is the fastest growing board in the world. It has been widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, packaging and other fields in North America, Europe, Japan and other developed countries. It is an upgraded product of blockboard and plywood.

Compared with other types of boards, the disadvantage of Ou Song board is that the flatness is poor, and the surface is a bit thorny when the surface is not painted.

1. To choose a good manufacturer with scale and strength, it can not only guarantee the after-sales service, but also make the use of the product more reassuring, without worrying about the use of raw materials.

2. It is necessary to choose a plate with good environmental protection performance, and its surface should be smooth, so that it is a good plate, without burrs and knife marks, etc., while the inferior plate will be very rough, with cracking and delamination.

3. Some boards will exude a strong smell of formaldehyde, and you can’t choose this kind of board, but some boards have no formaldehyde smell, but it does not mean that it must not contain formaldehyde. The choice is to pay attention to make distinctions.

4. When choosing a plate, we should pay more attention to the quality and quality of the plate. It does not mean that the more expensive everything is, the better. It is necessary to refer to and consider more before choosing.

osb is a kind of oriented structural board made by deoiling, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes. Due to the directional structure inside the OSB, no joints, no gaps, no cracks, good overall uniformity, and extremely high internal bonding strength, so both the center and the edge have super nail holding ability unmatched by ordinary plates.

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