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In 2025, the global plywood market sales revenue will reach 84.2 billion US dollars

The plywood market all over the world  still has a bright future.

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board material that is made of wood segments into veneers or sliced ​​into veneers, and then glued with adhesives, usually with odd layers of veneers, in which the wood grains are rotated to each other up to 90 degrees. Spend. For decades, plywood has been one of the most recognized and trusted wood building products. Plywood is made from thin-sheet cross-laminated sheets and bonded under heat and pressure with a strong thermal adhesive, has excellent dimensional stability and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and has high impact resistance, chemical resistance, and More adaptable to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.

Plywood is mainly divided into the following categories, veneer plywood, wood core plywood and composite plywood, of which veneer plywood is the most important product type, accounting for 65.6% of the global plywood market in 2018. This ratio has improved slightly in China, because the Chinese market for fine wood panels has a good development momentum, and veneer plywood occupies 62.9% of the Chinese plywood market share

China was the main consumption regions of plywood in the past few years.

China, Europe and the United States have been the main consumption regions of plywood in the past few years and will maintain the same position in the next few years. China accounts for about 70.3% of global production and 64.6% of global consumption. Meanwhile, China is the largest exporter. Although the United States is the second largest producer in the world, the United States only accounts for about 7.2% of the global output. Due to the higher prices in the United States, the United States accounts for 10.4% of the global output. Nonetheless, the United States remains the largest importer of plywood, with annual imports approaching 5 million cubic meters.

2018 plywood global market market share

The global production of plywood increased from 145 million cubic meters in 2014 to 160 million cubic meters in 2018, with a CAGR of 2.46%. At the same time, revenue in the global plywood sales market rose from $67.1 billion to $72.8 billion. The reason for this growth is the growing demand in the downstream market.

The downstream industries of plywood are engineering and construction, furniture industry, packaging, interior decoration, etc. In recent years, with the recovery of the global economy, the development of emerging countries and the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the consumption of plywood will increase. In the foreseeable future, the plywood market will show a slight upward trend. The engineering and construction industry is limited by the development of real estate in recent years, and will show a slight downward trend in the future, while the furniture industry, packaging industry, and interior decoration industry will continue to grow slightly. Overall, the engineering construction and furniture industries still dominate the entire consumer market, accounting for about 63-67% of the entire downstream consumption.

UPM, SVEZA, Metsa Wood, Georgia-Pacific, Samko Timber are major suppliers in the global market with leading technologies and market positions. There are many manufacturers in the global market, and the market concentration is very low. In 2018, the top five global market shares only accounted for 3.13%.

The price of plywood fluctuates at a relatively stable rate. High quality means high price, and there is a gradient in price between different manufacturers. Domestic enterprises are generally in the second and third gradients, and the prices are not high.

Looking ahead, the plywood global market will reach 167 million cubic meters and $84.2 billion in 2025, with a CAGR of 0.91% and 2.36%.

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