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How to choose your plywood supplier?

Film Faced Plywood

Building formwork is a necessary building material in construction projects. Choosing a building formwork with good quality and high turnover can not only speed up construction efficiency, but also save material costs. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the correct building formwork manufacturer.

What is the difference between plywood building formwork and other building formwork?

Building formwork is a kind of frame structure, which is used to protect the supporting structure, so that this kind of formwork can be used more strongly. The decorative materials are determined to be very strong, so that our house can be built stronger, such steel structure engineering formwork is essential. Today, I will introduce […]

Factors affecting the quality of plywood

1. Adhesive quality It is manifested in several aspects such as the performance of the synthetic resin adhesive for glue, the coordination of each component and the glue mixing process. In recent years, a lot of research work has been done on the components of plywood glue and the glue mixing process, which not only […]

For furniture, solid wood must be better than plywood?

When it comes to buying furniture, everyone agrees that solid wood is the first choice, and many consumer friends feels uncomfortable when they hear “plywood, particle board, particle board”, and use “inferior”, “toxic”, “carcinogenic”. ” and other words to denounce these plates. Actually,each material has it advantages and disadvantages

How Plywood was Made?

Plywood is spliced with log veneers and then pasted with glue. Different quality plywood can be distinguished according to the type of wood and the grade of glue. Let me introduce to you the general production process of plywood. Plywood production process: veneer finishing → bonding molding → pre-pressing → hot pressing → cutting → […]

China plywood manufacturers introduce plywood knowledge summary

Plywood can be said to be used in home decoration, plywood is a relatively small piece of home materials, it is cut from wood sections into veneer or from wood planed into thin wood, and then glued with adhesive to make a three-layer or multi-layer board material, in many furniture often used, also belongs to is a kind of man-made board. Next, China plywood manufacturers will introduce you to the knowledge of plywood in detail.

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