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For furniture, solid wood must be better than plywood?

When it comes to buying furniture, everyone agrees that solid wood is the first choice, and many consumer friends feels uncomfortable when they hear “plywood, particle board, particle board”, and use “inferior”, “toxic”, “carcinogenic”. ” and other words to denounce these plates. Actually,each material has it advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood

Is solid wood more durable than plywood?

The older generation always said that solid wood furniture is more expensive and more durable. It is true that the environmental protection and load-bearing capacity of solid wood are indeed very strong, but what parents don’t know is the hypocrisy of solid wood. Sensitive, cannot be rapidly cooled and heated, and rapid cooling or heating will easily increase the probability of furniture cracking and deformation, which is the so-called thermal expansion and contraction.
Solid wood is not only afraid of heat, cold, but also moisture!
Hard and non-deformable woods take decades or even hundreds of years to become available; while those woods that grow fast are soft and easily deformed and cracked, such as pine and fir. However, no matter how expensive solid wood cabinets are, you need to avoid wiping them with wet towels, otherwise they will crack and deform soon, not to mention the use of solid wood as bathroom cabinets in the bathroom.

Plywood made furniture

Synthetic sheets are also durable

Particle board, multi-layer board and other boards are all industrial products. As long as the pressing strength is sufficient and the edge sealing is dense enough, they can be used for 20 to 30 years without any problem.
Here is a little knowledge about particle board. Particle board or particle board is a German invention in the late 19th century. It has a history of more than 100 years. It can be said that it is a furniture material with mature technology and stable performance. It has a wide range of practicality. Many big brand custom cabinets and wardrobes use particle boards, not just because of cheapness.

Is plywood not environmentally friendly?

Solid wood is indeed environmentally friendly

All solid wood is of course more environmentally friendly than man-made panels, after all, it is more natural.

Solid wood

But here I want to explain that blockboard (also known as large core board), because it seems to contain more complete wood from the cut surface, consumers are often fooled into thinking that it is all solid wood, but it is actually a man-made board. Moreover, its production process is much simpler than that of particle board. It is made of two pieces of veneer glued and spliced ​​together. Many small woodworking workshops rely on manual production.
Blockboards bought in the material market have many problems in blockboards, such as excessive formaldehyde emission, lack of trademarks, and incomplete information labels. The product grading labels are often blurred.

Artificial board plywood is also assured

Particle board, particle board, plywood and other man-made boards are inevitably questioned because of the environmental protection of adhesives.
The E1 grade boards tested by the state have very low formaldehyde content and meet the safety standards, so they can be used with confidence.
In the case that you can’t judge the quality of the board by yourself, it is recommended to choose a big brand with complete qualifications, and carefully check the environmental protection level and environmental protection certification.

Furniture made by plywood

To give you a summary:

  1. Artificial board and solid wood have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is cost-effective to choose particle board for cabinets and bathroom cabinets, because it is easy to take care of and durable.
  2. Don’t worry about environmental protection. It is also harmless to the human body to choose the E1 grade board that meets the national standard.
  3. If you really can’t choose, choose a big brand, and the quality and after-sales are more guaranteed.
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