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What is the difference between plywood and woodwork?

In today’s home life, many people often don’t know which type of wood board to use when buying or making furniture, because if they don’t choose properly, it will cause a lot of trouble. Now there is a plywood and woodworking board on the market, the following is a brief introduction to the difference between the two.

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The difference between plywood and woodworking board

1, first of all, the two are made of different materials, the former it is made of some of the same thickness of wood veneer plus glue bonding, and then after high temperature and high pressure treatment; while the latter, the middle part of it is thicker wood, while the two sides are relatively thin wood veneer, the board and wood veneer with glue bonding together, and then after high temperature and high pressure treatment made.

2, plywood structure is stable, high strength, not easy to deformation, so it is produced out of the shape will be less, and it is added in the production of glue is particularly large, so if not used properly, the pollution of the environment is relatively large; and woodworking board surface is flat and smooth, can occur slightly deformed.

3, in general, the price of plywood than woodworking board to lower some.

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After the template is made furniture, how to maintain

1, after making furniture with wood, in order to prevent it from cracking, we should brush a layer of paint on the surface to protect.

2, in the ordinary course of use, we have to regularly wipe the surface of the furniture dust, the use of water and softer cloth wipe, wipe when the force can not be too much, because it is likely to wipe off the surface of the furniture paint, after the wipe can not be left on the surface of the furniture water stains, if the water stains penetrate into the inside, the furniture is likely to deformation.

3, we have to put the furniture in the right place, neither too wet, nor in a place with direct sunlight, the wet environment may allow the furniture to expand deformation, sunlight for a long time may make furniture cracking.

Summary: The above is a small introduction to what is the difference between plywood and woodworking boards, I hope it will help you. If you want to choose a wood panel to make furniture, you can refer to the above content to consider.

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