The 2 main differences between eco-board and plywood

Melamine plywood / MDF

Many furniture in life are made of ecological boards. Ecological boards can not only make decorative materials, but also have high temperature resistance and environmental protection. They are favored by people. What is the difference between ecological boards and plywood?


What is plywood?

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board material made of veneer or thin wood glued together. It is generally made by gluing an odd number of layers of veneer fibres in a vertical direction to each other.

What is eco-board?

Eco-board is a decorative board made of paper with different colours or textures, soaked in resin, dried to a certain degree and then laid on the surface of MDF, chipboard or hard fibreboard, which is then hot pressed.

What are the differences between eco-board and plywood?

Multi-layer boards and thick core boards are all eco-boards. Plywood also belongs to multilayer boards. Many people are unable to distinguish between the two. There are differences and links between these two types of board.

1.multi-layer solid wood panels and plywood is the same structure, the core board are used in the sheet special plywood, but the surface and the back of the tree species used are painted and decorated, which, the surface of the tree species are generally more expensive.

2.Plywood is not as demanding as multi-layer solid wood panels in terms of accuracy of processing and quality requirements of appearance and surface treatment. In general, the cost of making plywood is 10-20% of the cost of making multi-layer solid wood panels.

Plywood has no decorative surface, and the surface itself is not coloured, while the surface of eco-boards is coloured and the texture is more realistic.

What are the advantages of eco-board and plywood?


1, environmental protection: ecological board due to its own process, ecological board with less glue, so ecological board is more environmentally friendly a plate.

2, convenient: ecological board in the installation of cabinets is no more paint work, and in the field can also be processed according to the different requirements of the site, the use of very convenient.

3, good stability: compared with particle board, the use of ecological panels made of cabinets more stable, more long life.

4, waterproof: ecological board waterproof performance is strong.


1, plywood can effectively save the use of wood when producing.

2, plywood has a very good decorative effect, which is mainly related to the plywood’s own material, the plywood material is not only light, the texture is also clearly visible, but also has a strong resistance to bending and not easily deformed performance.

3, plywood is often used in the production of boats, furniture and trains, mainly because plywood has a strong resistance to high temperatures, long service life and will not be affected by the climate and other properties.

The above is the introduction of knowledge about plywood and eco-board, in fact, the difference between eco-board and plywood is still there, the surface of the plywood itself is not patterned while the surface of the eco-board itself is with pattern, in short, eco-board and plywood are different and have their own!


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