Panel furniture, how to distinguish stickers and veneers?

With the increasing status of custom furniture in the furniture market, most of the custom furniture, the raw materials are composite panels, so panels are currently being used in large quantities.   Compared with solid wood furniture, panel furniture is more affordable, and the surface veneer is more and more realistic and has a variety […]

What is flame retardant plywood?

commercial plywood

Fire retardant board is a popular decorative flame retardant board in the board industry at present. Flame retardant plywood has a wide range of uses.

How to choose a plywood panel?

commercial plywood

An important part of renovation is the purchase of panels, multi-layer plywood is a very large number of panels used in home decoration, and in the face of the wide variety of plywood on the market, how should consumers make the right choice? The following construction plywood manufacturers yachen wood industry to give you a summary of the following points.