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Plywood VS multilayer boards

When buying furniture, in addition to observing whether the shape is beautiful, we also need to pay attention to the quality of the panels. There are many different types of panels on the market, of which plywood and multilayer panels are the ones we often come into contact with in our lives. So what is the difference between plywood and multilayer, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of plywood, here is an article to introduce it to you.

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What is plywood?

Plywood is made from a base material of timber and is cut into veneer or wood, which is then glued together with a special adhesive to form a panel with three or more layers. Plywood is a type of man-made panel that is often used in furniture, construction and transport, which greatly improves the use of wood and saves it.

What is multilayer plywood?

Multi-ply, also known as triple plywood or triple plywood, is a type of board that is often used in the production of furniture. It is also a type of man-made panel, which is a group of veneers glued together in the direction of the wood grain perpendicular to each other, and is lighter, stronger, more flexible and tough, and is widely used in our home furnishings.

The difference between plywood and multilayer

The difference between plywood and multilayer is that although they have different names, they are actually the same type of board. Plywood is a type of plywood, which is made from three or more layers of solid wood veneer that are pressed together with glue. The plywood is made from three or more layers of solid wood veneer by gluing and pressing, while the plywood is made from the inner layer of graphics and then the outer single-sided or double-sided substrate by printing, and then hot-pressed by adding adhesive.

The three main advantages of plywood

  • light texture, natural grain, high strength, not easily deformed
  • Plywood is not prone to warping and has excellent tensile and bending properties.
  • The panels are more complete and relatively inexpensive.

Three major disadvantages of plywood

  • The surface of plywood is more porous and can become damp and heavy if left outdoors for too long.
  • If the plywood is not completely dried out or if the production process is poor, deformation can easily occur.
  • Plywood in the production process added glue, will release a certain amount of formaldehyde.

Summary: The above is about the difference between plywood and multi-layer panels and plywood has what advantages and disadvantages of the relevant introduction, I hope to let you have some understanding of the panels, so that you can choose to their satisfaction with the panel products. If you have other related needs, please contact us 86-19853927722 or

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