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Common sense of several kinds of glue commonly used in furniture

Why Glue was important in Furinture making? In modern society, with a large industrial background, people face various cancers and strange diseases, and they have more and more worries. Environmental protection is no longer a hypocritical topic, but an important issue related to life and quality of life. Luxurious home is also life-threatening. Melamine plywood […]

What are the 4 reasons plywood glue doesn’t stick and cracks?

In the current panel furniture, almost all the furniture needs to use the board product, and different types of boards have different physical properties. In furniture panels, all panels will face such a problem: the problem of glue. Glue cracking is a very important factor affecting the quality of the board, and the quality of […]

What common glues are used for ordinary wood plywood?

What common glues are used for ordinary wood plywood? The types of glue commonly used for wood plywood at present are: phenolic glue, melamine glue, urea glue. The best phenol formaldehyde glue, urea glue. The choice of glue also directly reflects the quality of plywood. Phenol formaldehyde adhesive is mainly made of phenol and formaldehyde, […]

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