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Common sense of several kinds of glue commonly used in furniture

Why Glue was important in Furinture making?

In modern society, with a large industrial background, people face various cancers and strange diseases, and they have more and more worries. Environmental protection is no longer a hypocritical topic, but an important issue related to life and quality of life. Luxurious home is also life-threatening.

Melamine plywood is the most common type of furniture plywood, and a lot of glue is needed to make melamine plywood.

We need to face all kinds of puzzles, and glue is one of them. In life, we have to face all kinds of glue, and we can’t stay away from it. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about it. I try to use simple language and popular explanations to let you know what kind of confusion and answers exist in the world of glue, and I will work with you to unravel these veils. Only when you understand the benefits can you use it, and only when you understand the danger can you avoid it.

Glue belongs to chemical industry, and chemical industry is one of the most professional fields in large industries. It is also a dangerous companion in life. There are many types of glue, and epoxy resin alone has derived more than 100 varieties. I believe you will be dizzy, so I will take the glue that is the longest in home life as an example to demonstrate one by one, mainly around furniture. talk, others are less involved.

Some common  Glue in furniture making.

502 glue and 3 seconds glue was common glues when furniture was making. They are quick glues that are used in many applications in life and also appear in furniture. The probability of cracks in solid wood furniture is relatively high, and it is often used to repair tiny cracks in after-sales maintenance. It is widely used in mahogany furniture. This is an unknown inside story. Mahogany furniture is generally not dried wood, because Many prices are calculated by weight. After the white stubble of mahogany furniture is made, manufacturers often place it outdoors or even expose it to the sun to let the furniture crack naturally, and then fill it with a large amount of 502 or 3 seconds. It is said that mahogany furniture uses 502 It’s not too much to pour. After polishing, it is difficult for laymen to see. Since it is non-toxic after curing, it has little impact on its environmental protection.

AB glue is a two-component glue, which contains more free formaldehyde, which is toxic during construction. It will still be toxic for a certain period of time after use, but after it is completely cured, it will It rarely releases formaldehyde, etc., and because of the extremely small amount of use, it generally does not cause harm to our lives. This type of glue will have some applications in sofas, fabrics, and some fixed positions.

Universal glue is also a kind of glue that is used less, but it will be used in decoration and edge banding of boards. All-purpose glue is one-component and contains a lot of free formaldehyde. It is worth mentioning that the edge banding of ordinary melamine boards is generally made of plastic strips. This ordinary adhesive cannot be bonded, so the use of universal adhesive is used.

Glue for density board, particle board and blockboard (emphasis introduced)

this is relatively more professional, its main component is urea-formaldehyde resin, which is urea, formaldehyde and Glue Depot under the catalyst (action, polycondensation into initial urea-formaldehyde resin, and then Then it is a colorless and transparent adhesive synthesized under the action of curing agent or auxiliary agent. Please remember the reference price of its E0 grade glue: 4800 yuan per ton. They are divided into several grades such as E0, E1 and E2. Since the production of MDF is made by mixing a large amount of glue, sawdust, soil and other solids under high pressure, the dosage is very large, and the density of MDF is relatively high. We calculate it roughly according to the specific gravity of water, which is about one cubic meter per ton. Calculate. The size of the standard board is 122 cm x 244 cm, the thickness is 0.018 cm, about 19 sheets are a cubic, and the price of the low-density board is 40 yuan per sheet, and the price per cubic meter is about 760 yuan. I don’t know the cheapest How much is a ton of urea-formaldehyde resin? The amount of formaldehyde glue contained in each cubic meter of density board is generally 400-500 kg, which is about 20-25%. Calculated at the extremely low price of 1 yuan per kg, only glue The price of the glue is already close to the sales price of the finished product, so under the constraints of the terminal price, the price of glue must be kept very low. And the chemical industry is the most particular about what you get for what you pay for. I believe that such cost control, It is not environmentally friendly. Do you believe the E0 level of low-density boards? Anyway, I don’t believe it. The price of high-density boards, that is, Austrian Song boards, is generally 2,500 yuan per cubic meter, and each sheet has reached more than 100 yuan based on standard boards. High-density boards The environmental protection of the board will be much higher, one is that the wood fiber content increases, and the other is that the amount of glue used will be much less, and the market positioning price of the terminal is also higher, so the environmentally friendly glue with a higher degree of environmental protection can be used.

The principle of particleboard is the same as that of high-density board. Due to the larger particles, the amount of glue used will be greatly reduced. Therefore, compared with low-density board, the degree of environmental protection will be much higher. Since the particleboard is not easy to be skinned or veneered, it is often directly covered with a layer of melamine as a finish, which is what we often call a melamine board. Manufacturers like to say that it is solid wood particle board to avoid the suspicion of density board. Unfortunately, they are actually a family.

Plywood, plywood glue.

Plywood consumes 60 kg to 130 kg of glue per cubic meter, which is less. The reason why plywood is said twice is because plywood is actually a more environmentally friendly material. Plywood refers to multi-layer boards, which are made of laminated multi-layer wood. It is widely used abroad, but many domestically produced plywood are imported from abroad. Finally, in order to reduce the cost, cheap ordinary glue is used, so it should be treated separately. Some qualified plywood uses higher E0 glue, and the amount is very small at the same time, so the environmental protection index is still relatively high.

Blockboard glue.

A good blockboard is closer to solid wood, with wood blocks as the keel inside, and plywood on the front and back sides, with a larger wood content and less glue, which is comparable to multi-layer boards. In the case of poor cheap joinery, be sure to use less wood and use cheap glue.

Solid wood finger joint glue.

Finger joint board is the most environmentally friendly decoration or furniture board among the industrialized boards encountered so far. It is composed of pure solid wood boards composed of small wood blocks, and the middle is glued with two-component splicing glue. There is no need to say too much about the environmental protection. The amount of glue used is very small, and the glue is also a very environmentally friendly glue. The price can be reflected: the market price of a 30 kg barrel of two-component white latex is about 300, which is about 10,000 per ton. . The reason why it is a two-component white latex is that it has a faster solidification time than the single-component white latex. It is a relatively fast white latex developed for production efficiency to improve the speed and efficiency of the panel. Strength has also been greatly improved.

Solid wood straight jigsaw glue.

The most widely used one in the woodworking field, we commonly call it white latex. White latex is widely used in decoration and furniture and can be seen everywhere. Solid wood veneer generally uses white latex as an adhesive, which is mostly used in decoration and furniture. It is a very environmentally friendly glue, which is quite different from universal glue and Gelianghao, which are used in a small range of applications. adhesive. All furniture, including pure solid wood, must use white latex or jigsaw glue. There is almost no furniture with zero glue, unless it is some simple slatted furniture.
In furniture, the combination of jigsaw panels or mortise and tenon will be used.

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