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Global wood consumption may reach 3.1 billion cubic meters in 2030

The global timber trade this year is not very smooth

The global timber trade this year is not very smooth due to the high global inflation and the epidemic, but the total transaction value of various countries is relatively considerable in the first three quarters of this year. The slowdown in global timber demand began to show in the fourth quarter. For example, the US construction industry continued to decline, the UK significantly slowed down its imports of hardwood products, and the production of African countries such as Gabon also decreased due to log bans and exporting countries. and decline.



Global wood consumption will not be reduced in the short term without solutions to current problems.

Global wood consumption will not be reduced in the short term without solutions to current problems. The FAO forecasts that wood consumption will reach 3.1 billion cubic meters by 2030. A comprehensive analysis of the reasons for the growth is as follows.

Timber trade trends remain good

Wood is not directly used in many places such as paper industry, furniture industry, packaging, etc. These industries are widely used in our lives, and all require wood processing, so the future demand will only increase.

Engine wood and cellulose fibers are currently recognized as substitutes for non-renewable materials, so the corresponding wood consumption will increase by at least 8%; at present, due to the continuous development of science and technology, there have been transparent woods that can be extracted from wood for transformation. , thereby replacing part of plastic and glass, similar experimental research results will only increase in the next decade.


Inhabited buildings may be degraded like other consumption, which will increase over time and population. The advantages of green buildings are gradually known to everyone with the promotion of environmental protection concepts. According to this year’s relevant survey report, it was found that residents of Russia, Australia, Ireland and other countries began to have the tendency to buy and build wooden houses. The local government also did this. It has issued preferential policies, increased the amount of trees planted, opened courses related to the construction of wooden structures, and cultivated professional talents.

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