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What is plywood material? What are the uses?

Plywood is a board-like material. Plywood is a three- or multi-layered board material made from wood segments cut into veneers, or from squares of thinly sliced wood, glued together with an adhesive, usually with an odd number of layers of veneers, and made by gluing adjacent veneers with their fibres oriented perpendicular to each other.

What is plywood?

Plywood is one of the materials commonly used in furniture and is one of the three main types of man-made board, also used as a role material in aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings and packaging.
A group of veneers is usually formed by joining adjacent layers vertically in the direction of the wood grain, with its surface and inner plies usually arranged symmetrically on either side of the central ply or core.
The veneers are glued and pressed in a longitudinal and transversal pattern along the grain direction, with or without heat.
The number of layers is usually an odd number, with a few even. There is little difference in physical and mechanical properties between the longitudinal and transverse directions, and the types of plywood commonly used are triple plywood and plywood.

What to look for when selecting plywood.

  1. Different types, grades, materials, decorations and sizes of plywood should be selected according to the nature of the project, the part to be used and the environmental conditions.
  2. Plywood veneered with thinly sliced precious wood should be chosen for decoration.

3、Panel decoration needs to be done with transparent varnish (also known as varnish) to retain the natural colour and texture of the wood surface and should focus on the choice of panel material, pattern and colour.

If the pattern and colour of the panels do not need to be considered, the environmental and cost categories of the plywood category should also be chosen wisely.

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