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What is phenolic plywood?

Phenolic plywood is made of phenolic glue. After two times of compression molding technology, it has super bonding strength, which comprehensively improves the smoothness, waterproofness and wear resistance of phenolic plywood. Turnover is high.

phenolic plywood
phenolic plywood

The characteristics of phenolic plywood are:

  1. No deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, fire and flame retardant, long service life, housing construction projects can be used repeatedly for more than 8-15 times.
  2. Wear-resistant, sturdy and durable, each process is checked layer by layer.
  3. The adhesive film is easy and has strong dipping and peeling performance.
  4. Good weather resistance, high strength and easy maintenance.
  5. Corrosion-resistant, does not pollute the building surface.
  6. For concrete walls, the surface of the poured objects is smooth and beautiful, minus the wall plastering process, and shortens the construction period by 40%.
  7. It can be used as a curved plane template.

Phenolic plywood is in the production of plywood. After the glued veneer is aged, the glue still maintains its fluidity, and then pre-pressed to dehydrate the glue, and the adjacent veneers are initially bonded. Therefore, in subsequent operations , the veneer can be neatly arranged to avoid displacement.

plywood factory

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