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Precautions for Using SPC Flooring in Summer

  SPC flooring has the characteristics of moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and easy to clean, and is widely used in household and commercial environments. Summer is the peak period for the use of SPC flooring, but the high temperature and high humidity in summer can easily have a certain impact on SPC flooring. Therefore, when using SPC flooring, some details need to be paid attention to.

Keep Indoor Ventilation

Summer is prone to high temperature and humid weather. If the indoor ventilation is not good, it will cause the SPC floor to be in a humid environment for a long time, and mold and rot will easily occur after a long time. Therefore, we must insist on maintaining indoor air circulation, and properly open doors and windows to allow air to flow, which can effectively reduce humidity.

Pay Attention to Waterproof

Although the SPC floor is waterproof, we need to strengthen the waterproof protection of the SPC floor in summer. When scrubbing, you can wipe it with a neutral detergent, and do not soak the floor. During the cleaning process, try to use a clean mop or atomizer to avoid water soaking the floor, otherwise moisture entering the floor gaps will cause the floor to deform and blister.

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Avoid Sun Exposure

The sunlight is strong in summer. If the SPC floor is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will cause deformation and fading of the floor. Therefore, try to avoid the SPC floor being exposed to the sun for a long time, especially the north-facing rooms that do not receive sunlight for a long time. You can use curtains, blinds and other materials to block the sun, try to ensure that the floor is not directly exposed to the sun, and close the windows early to avoid strong sunlight.

Pay Attention to Controlling Indoor Humidity

In summer, the air humidity is high, which can easily cause problems such as dampness and warping of the SPC floor. Especially in the south and humid cities, the humidity will be more obvious. Auxiliary equipment such as air conditioners and humidifiers can be used to control the indoor temperature and humidity, keep the floor dry, and avoid deformation and damage.


Clean Up The Dust In Time

Once dust appears on the surface of the SPC floor, it is easy to form fine scratches, which seriously affects the overall aesthetics. Therefore, when using SPC floors in summer, it is necessary to clean up the dust and debris on the ground in time, and you can use tools such as vacuum cleaners and additional rags to clean them.

Appropriate Supplementary Curing Agent

When using SPC flooring in summer, some curing agents can be used appropriately to improve the cleanliness and aesthetics of the SPC floor surface. However, it should be noted that the curing agent must be used which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and does not contain high volatile organic compounds, and the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will affect the anti-slip and waterproof performance of the SPC floor.

In short, when using SPC flooring in summer, we should not only pay attention to the use effect and efficacy, but also pay attention to the control of details. Only in this way can we ensure that the SPC floor is more durable and beautiful during use, and bring a more comfortable experience to our life.

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