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Precautions for The Use of Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a very popular interior decoration material because of its natural beauty, environmental protection and comfortable touch. However, before using wood veneer, you need to pay attention to some details of use to ensure its service life and beauty.

Choice of wood veneer

1. Choose stable wood: When choosing wood veneer, you should choose wood with stable texture to ensure that the wood veneer will not deform or crack under different temperature and humidity conditions.

2. Choose the right color and level: The color and level of wood are very important, because they determine the aesthetics of the wood veneer. Choosing the right colors and layers can bring a warm and natural feel to the interior.

Preparatory work before installation

1. Check the environment: Before installing the wood veneer, you should carefully check the installation environment to ensure that there are no obvious defects in the environment, such as high or low humidity, flatness of the wall, etc.

2. Keep it dry: The wood veneer should be kept dry, otherwise, the wood veneer may be deformed, cracked, etc. during installation.

Matters needing attention during installation.

1. Installed by professionals: Installing wood veneer requires professional skills and experience, and it is recommended to be installed by professionals to ensure the quality of the installation.

2. Use the right tools: When installing wood veneer, it is very important to use the right tools. Using improper tools can result in damage to the wood finish or an unstable installation.

3. Treat the wood before installation: Before installing the wood veneer, the wood at the joint should be treated to ensure that the wood at the joint will not affect its appearance or service life.

 Matters needing attention when using wood veneer

1. Avoid too violent impact: Although wood veneer has good wear resistance and durability, too violent impact may still damage it.

2. Moisture-proof: wood veneer will be affected by moisture, so care should be taken to avoid environments with high humidity.

3. Regular Cleaning: Wood veneers require regular cleaning to maintain their beauty and quality. After the wood veneer has been cleaned, a sealer should be used to maintain its beauty and durability.

4. Avoid using acidic cleaners: Wooden finishes should be cleaned with neutral or alkaline cleaners, avoiding the use of acidic cleaners, so as not to have a negative impact on the wooden finish.

In short, when installing and using wood veneer, you need to pay attention to these usage details to ensure its service life and beauty. If you are unsure how to install or maintain wood veneer, seek professional advice and guidance.


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