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OSB Plywood

OSB plywood (Oriented Strand Board) is a structural board made of fine wood chips bonded with resin glue under high temperature and pressure. In recent years, OSB plywood has become increasingly popular in the construction and furniture industries, becoming an ideal alternative to traditional log plywood and synthetic materials. The following are the main features of OSB plywood:

Strong and durable: OSB plywood is made of multiple layers of wood chips arranged crosswise, making its structure more solid and stable. After high temperature and high pressure processing, the board has high density and excellent compressive resistance, and can withstand large loads and impacts.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: The wood used to make OSB plywood is usually from fast-growing forests, so there is no over-exploitation of forest resources. At the same time, in the production process, the remaining parts of the wood chips are used to reduce waste, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Dimensionally stable: Due to the special structure of OSB plywood, the wood chips are arranged crosswise layer by layer, making the size of the board very stable and not easy to shrink and expand. This allows it to maintain a long-term stable shape and size in building structures and furniture making.

Multi-purpose: OSB plywood is widely used in the construction industry to make structural components such as floors, wall panels, roofs, partitions, etc. At the same time, due to its durability and environmental protection characteristics, it is also often used in furniture making, packaging boxes and other fields.

Easy to process: OSB plywood can be cut, drilled, bonded and processed like wood, and the surface is flat and not easy to crack, making the processing process more convenient and quick.

In summary, OSB plywood has a wide range of application prospects in the construction and furniture industries due to its durability, environmental sustainability and multi-purpose characteristics. It not only meets the requirements of structural strength and stability, but also meets the needs of modern society for environmental protection and sustainable development. It is a potential building material product.


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