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China has developed into the world’s largest producer of Medium density fiberboard(MDF)

What is Medium density fiberboard(MDF)?

Medium density fiberboard(MDF) is a kind of man-made board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, after crushing, fiber separation, drying, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives, and then hot pressing, its density is generally 0.5 In the range of -0.8g/cm3, the thickness is generally 5-30mm.

China has developed into the world’s largest producer of medium and high density fiberboard.

Because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, decorative properties and processing properties, medium density fiberboard(MDF) has developed rapidly in recent years, and its application fields have continued to expand. The production and consumption of medium and high density fiberboards have increased year by year, and it has become the mainstream of wood-based panel market demand. Since entering the 21st century, my country’s medium density fiberboard production capacity has expanded rapidly, production equipment has been continuously introduced and innovated, and the quality of medium density fiberboard has been greatly improved. China has developed into the world’s largest producer of medium and high density fiberboard.

China’s Medium density fiberboard (MDF) industry is developing steadily

China’s medium density fiberboard(MDF) production capacity is widely distributed, and it is produced in other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the mainland except Tibet, Qinghai and Ningxia. The distribution of medium-density fiberboard(MDF) production capacity is closely related to the regional differences in economic development. The overall situation is “strong in the east and weak in the west”, and the development is extremely unbalanced. The distribution of production capacity is in line with the forestry development strategy of “expanding in the east, governing in the west, using in the south, resting in the north”. The production of medium density fiberboard(MDF) is a resource-dependent production, and the problem of raw materials has gradually become one of the main factors restricting the development of China’s medium density fiberboard(MDF) production capacity.

With the continuous expansion of the application range of MDF, the demand continues to increase, coupled with the increasing international demand for MDF, the international market space is also larger, providing an international market for China’s MDF exports. The main exporting countries of China’s MDF are: Saudi Arabia, the United States, South Korea, Turkey and Canada. In addition, with the rapid development and quality improvement of China’s MDF, my country’s MDF imports continue to decline.

With the development of the housing construction industry, whether it is used as impregnated paper veneer laminated floor substrate, or as concrete formwork and wall materials, MDF boards have broad application space and huge market potential. For a long period of time in the future, China’s MDF output will continue to grow steadily.

Global Market Data of China’s Medium density fiberboard (MDF) Industry

In 2020, China’s medium-density fiberboard(MDF) output will be about 53.47 million cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 6.11% over 2019. In the next few years, the production of MDF will show a steady growth trend. In 2020, the export value of China’s MDF will be 745 million US dollars, and the import value will be 83 million US dollars. China mainly imports MDF from Germany, New Zealand, and Belgium. In 2020, China imported MDF from Germany, New Zealand, and Belgium at US$19.459 million, US$13.212 million, and US$12.942 million. China’s MDF is exported to a wide range of countries, mainly to Nigeria, the United States and the Russian Federation. In 2020, China’s MDF exports to Nigeria were US$108.694 million, exports to the United States were US$86.798 million, and exports to the Russian Federation were US$40.441 million.

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