Inventory of plywood production distribution in China

plywood factory

Plywood is the main type of wood-based panel in China. Because of plywood’s high utilization rate of wood, strong decoration and high tolerance, it is widely used in furniture, home furnishing, aircraft, packaging and many other fields. The regional distribution of plywood production in China is uneven, mainly concentrated in East China and South China. […]

Global wood consumption may reach 3.1 billion cubic meters in 2030

The global timber trade this year is not very smooth due to the high global inflation and the epidemic, but the total transaction value of various countries is relatively considerable in the first three quarters of this year. The slowdown in global timber demand began to show in the fourth quarter. For example, the US construction industry continued to decline, the UK significantly slowed down its imports of hardwood products, and the production of African countries such as Gabon also decreased due to log bans and exporting countries. and decline.