Timber H Beam

H timber beam Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor structural members and supports. Construction formwork, scaffolding, footplate

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Timber H Beam Product Introduction:

Product: Timber H Beam
Material: Flange: Nordic Spruce  Web:Poplar or Pine
Glue: WBP Glue
Web thickness 27mm
Beam Height Flange width Flange thickness
H20: 200mm 80mm 40m m
H24: 240mm 80mm 40mm
End finish: waterproof paint,plastic or steel protector.
Surface finish: waterproof yellow painting
Usuage: For construction,slab formwork system,verticle formwork(wall,colum,hydraulic climbing etc),carry film faced plywood

Product features.

1、High degree of standardisation, high versatility and fast construction speed.

2、 High stiffness, light weight, strong load-bearing capacity.

3、 All renewable resources, low cost, good performance, reusable.

4、 Fielding, easy to disassemble, flexible in use, easy to transport, assemble and disassemble operation, easy to fix, good nail holding power.


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