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OSB (Oriented Strand Board ) is mainly used in furniture, has no formaldehyde emissions, is strong and durable, and is lighter in weight and flatter than furniture made from MDF.

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What is OSB?
OSB (Oriented Strand Board )OSB boards are made from small diameter timber, interfelled timber and wood cores, which are processed into long slices (generally 40-100 mm long, 5-20 mm wide and 0.3-0.7 mm thick) by planing equipment, then de-oiled, dried, glued, oriented to lay and hot pressed into shape.。

OSB is made from thin pieces of wood that almost look like shavings, rather than sawdust. This gives it longer strands than particleboard and makes it stronger. It is actually made of three layers, with the top and bottom layers laid with the wood fibres facing the longer direction of the board, while the thicker inner layer has the wood fibres perpendicular to its surface, much like plywood.

OSB dimensions:

1200 X 2440mm, 1220 X 2440mm, 1250 X 2500mm.
Thickness 6mm – 40mm.

OSB Specifications:

OSB 1 – general purpose non-load-bearing panels for interior decoration materials and furniture in dry condition.

OSB 2 – load-bearing sheets, for use in dry state conditions.

OSB 3 – load-bearing panels, for use in wet state conditions.

OSB 4 – load-bearing panels, for use in damp state conditions.

OSB applications.

  1.  decoration industry: OSB 2 – mainly used in buildings and homes, is the upgrade of MDF, joinery, plywood.
  2. Packaging industry: OSB 3 – ideal material for aseptic export packaging, fumigation-free, moisture-proof, pressure and impact resistant.
  3. furniture industry: OSB 2 – due to the restructured wood structure with load-bearing and dimensional stability, excellent processing performance, suitable for making furniture.
  4. construction: OSB 3 – for interior and exterior structural and decorative materials, concrete formwork, etc.
  5.  flooring industry: OSB 3 – the substrate of solid wood composite flooring, replacing density board, joinery board, plywood, which has moisture resistance, stable performance and no deformation.


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