LVL Beam

Veneer Laminated Lumber, LVL for short, is made from raw wood by rotary cutting or planing into veneer, then dried, glued, grouped according to the grain or most of the grain, and then glued by hot pressing.

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LVL lumber structural features.
High strength, high toughness, good stability and accurate specifications, 3 times higher than solid sawn timber in terms of strength and toughness.
The product has the advantages of being highly environmentally friendly, waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof and fumigation-free.

lvl beam

LVL lumber product parameters:

product name lvl
core material and direction peeing veneer, poplar, pine, combi, eucalyptus, birch, meranti, okoume, other hardwood, all layers same direction (lvl), or the second layers from the face & back are different direction from other layers (lvb);
size 1220*1220mm or 500*5200mm, most occasion according to inquiries;upon to request
thickness and tolerace 12mm~45mm; +/-0.5mm;
surface & treatment peeling poplar face & back
glue phenolic (phenolic wbp glue, phenolic glue), melamine wbp glue(muf, mf, melamine glue);
leading time within 30 days
usage package/industry, construction, furniture & handicraft, wooden house;
capacity 10000cbm per month;
certification ce,carb p2,fsc,iso

Features of LVL lumber:

1、It can disperse and stagger the defects such as scars and cracks of the logs, and according to the test, the strength and toughness are 3 times higher than that of solid wood, which makes it stable in quality, uniform in strength and low in material variability;

2、Size can be adjusted arbitrarily, not affected by the shape and defects of the original wood, any size within 8 meters in length, any size within 1.3 meters in width, any thickness within 300 MM, can be customized according to customer requirements, any choice of size, high utilization rate;

3、Processing and wood like, can be sawed, planed, chiseled, tenoned, nailed, etc.;

4、It is insect-proof, anticorrosive, fireproof and waterproof, mainly because of the corresponding pretreatment or special adhesive used in the production process;

5, has a strong seismic performance and shock absorption performance and can resist the fatigue damage generated by the cyclical force;

6、Green and pollution-free, using environmentally friendly adhesives in the production process.


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