Birch plywood

Birch plywood, also known as birch plywood, is staggered and laminated by layers of 1.5mm thick panels. Density 680-700, suitable for toys, ferries, furniture decoration, gas transportation, high-speed rail aircraft and other industries.

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Birch plywood Product:

Birch plywood is compounded by hot pressing process with birch peeled veneer or sliced veneer.
It can be divided into architectural birch plywood and decorative birch plywood.
According to the origin, birch plywood is divided into Russian birch plywood, Finnish birch plywood and Italian birch plywood.

Birch plywood, also known as birch plywood. All birch plywood is imported from Russia. Because the origin of birch is in the cold area all the year round, the wood species grows slowly and the density is high. It can be used as children’s furniture board, floor substrate, etc. good quality.

Birch plywood product features:

1. Easy to process, good paint adhesion, not easy to fall off with paint, convenient for decorative design. The section of the birch board is smooth, the product made is flat, and the hand feel is good.

2. Birch plywood has great mechanical strength and elasticity. Items made from birch planks can be used to create fine craftsmanship, structures and internal framing.

3. The natural texture is very beautiful. The material of birch is delicate and smooth, the overall texture is good, and the hand feels smooth and soft

Birch plywood product parameters:

Product Birch plywood
Size 1220×2440
Thickness 2mm/3mm/4mm/6mm/6.5mm/8mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/21mm/24mm/25mm/28mm/30mm
Core Birch and poplar
Glue E0 interior/WBP Phenolic
Face Veneer Import veneer from Russia
Core Veneer Import KD dry core veneer from Russia
Mositure Content 8-12%



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