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China OSB manufacturer

Yachen is one of the best osb board manufacturers. Our full capabilities in plywood and osb and home plywood processing ensure precise tolerances as well as competitive prices. We can produce osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb board 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, osb plywood 4×8, etc. Send us your drawings today!

Yachen: Your premier OSB board manufacturer

Yachen is a manufacturer of osb sheets and a manufacturer of osb plywood. It offers Yachen a great cost advantage, providing you with a promising quality and reliable and affordable osb board price. yachen can also use the capabilities of our manufacturer and osb plywood manufacturer to customize osb for you. yachen can also provide 4×8 osb 18mm, osb 6mm, osb 9mm, osb 10mm, osb 12mm, osb 22mm, osb 15mm, and offer 4×8 osb 18mm, osb 6mm, osb 9mm, osb 10mm, osb 12mm, osb 22mm, osb 15mm. 10mm, osb 12mm, osb 22mm, osb 15mm, osb 25mm, etc.

osb1 osb2 osb3 osb4


If you need OSB3 for certain applications, Yachen is happy to help you. We are pleased to offer osb 3 12mm, osb 3 15mm, osb 3 25mm, osb 3 18mm, osb 4 18mm, osb 4 22mm


OSB 18mm

Yachen can produce osb 6mm, osb 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, we can drill and chisel at will, formaldehyde free, green and environmental friendly.

OSB Product type

OSB Product type

Yachen can produce osb 6mm, osb 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, we can drill and chisel at will, formaldehyde free, green and environmental friendly.

OSB product application field

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OSB For Outdoor Use

Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for construction and furniture. It is one of the three major panels of wood-based panels. It can also be used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings and packaging boxes.

OSB plywood manufacturer

OSB plywood manufacturer

Yachen is one of the professional osb plywood manufacturers. We can manufacture 4 x 8 osb 9mm, osb 10mm, osb 12mm, osb 15mm, other sizes of osb plywood. 18mm osb board 8×4 is also our product. Manufacturer. We can manufacture 4 x 8 osb, 4×9 osb, 4×10 osb and 11mm osb board 8×4 in other sizes of osb plywood.

osb for roofing

OSB for roofing

Yachen osb for roofing is made from our OSB boards. Our osb plywood can also be used in osb garage, osb garage ceiling, osb house, osb roof decking, osb roofing boards, etc.
osb roofing boards, etc. We can also supply 18mm osb flooring, 9mm 12mm osb for shed roof, 18mm osb board for flat roof, osb for shed floor, 11mm osb for shed roof, etc.

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Our company can customize according to customer needs

yachen: your leading OSB plywood manufacturer

Yachen is one of the manufacturers engaged in the production and manufacture of panels in China. We offer a one-stop solution for plywood and osb panels.

Yachen can oem osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb board 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, osb plywood 4×8 for you.

Some customers may choose osb 18mm because it has better optical visibility and better scratch resistance.

In advance, WeProFab can add an ultra-abrasive coating to your polycarbonate windscreen, which can significantly improve the durability of plastic windscreens.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of osb plywood, yachen has strict control over the manufacturing process.

In short, yachen is a one-stop solution for osb plywood manufacturers. We can supply you with osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb board 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, osb plywood 4x so you can focus on how to create value for your customers. Send us an enquiry today; we will provide you with the perfect product.

OSB plywood product configuration parameters

Item:OSB(Oriented Strand Board)
Thickness: 6mm,8mm,9mm,9.5mm,11mm,12mm,

Glue:MR,WBP Melamine,Phenolic
Moisture Content: 3-12%
OSB2:MR Glue,can used in dry environment with weight capacity,such as outdoor and indoor construction.
OSB3:Melmine glue,can used in the moisture environment and with weight capacity,such as indoor and outdoor construction.
OSB4:WBP glue, can used in external wall coverage,roof coverage,flooring base,ceiling construction.

Yachen OSB plywood makes your brand soar


Specifications: osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 20mm, osb 22mm, osb 25mm

Size:1200 X 2440mm, 1220 X 2440mm, 1250 X 2500mm.

OSB Product type


Specifications: osb3 board, osb 3 12mm, osb3 15mm, osb3 18mm, osb 3 22 mm

S: 1200 X 2440mm, 1220 X 2440mm, 1250 X 2500mm


OSB Board

Specifications: osb board 6mm,osb board 9mm,10mm osb board,osb board 11mm,12mm osb board 8×4,15mm osb board,osb board 18mm,osb board 22mm,osb plywood 4×8
Sizes: 1200 X 2440mm, 1220 X 2440mm, 1250 X 2500mm.

OSB board manufacturer

Yachen is a professional osb board manufacturer that can produce both osb 18mm manufacturers as well as osb 12mm , osb 22mm and osb plywood 4×8 boards. That’s why we can offer you competitive quality osb board as well as the most affordable osb board price.

flip machine

OSB product production line

Our factory has 30 state-of-the-art fully automatic OSB production lines, 1 person can operate 5 production lines, with a high degree of automation, with a daily output of 140 tons of OSB, which is efficient and fast.

OSB German special technology and advanced equipment

OSB German special technology and advanced equipment, in the production process, to separate and destroy wood fibers, retain the natural characteristics of wood, the fiber directions of adjacent shavings are perpendicular to each other, osb has high flexural strength, small linear expansion coefficient, good dimensional stability, Uniform wood, strong nail holding ability, easy surface decoration, etc.

osb paving process
osb for roofing

Application of OSB in Building Structure

Internal and external wall panels, floor slabs, long-span beams, I-beams, walls and roofs of wooden buildings, as well as linings, interior panels, thermal insulation panels, sound-absorbing panels, ceilings, wall panels, building templates, etc.

OSB in Building Structure

Advantages of OSB for interior decoration

  • Using MDI glue, no formaldehyde, healthy and environmentally friendly
  • Heated at high temperature to prevent insects
  • Good moisture resistance, can withstand the test of environmental changes, long service life
  • Uniform density and thickness, excellent reworkability, can be made into any shape

The production plant of the relevant osb sheets

Yachen has complete competence in the manufacture of OSB sheets and we can show you how to combine the right features into your product according to your final application.


OSB paving

osb paving process

OSB plywood production line

OSB plywood

OSB plywood plant

osb flat press

osb flat press

flip machine

OSB flip machine

osb molding

OSB molding

Benefits of OSB Sheets

0 formaldehyde

No glue and coagulant are added in the production process, and no formaldehyde and benzene that are harmful to the human body are produced, which is healthy and environmentally friendly.

not deformed

The furniture made of OSB board retains the texture of the wood and is stable, not easy to deform.

can be drilled

The osb board can be drilled and chiseled at will. Through various processing methods, the limitations of the board itself can be changed.


The osb board can be drilled and chiseled at will. Through various processing methods, the limitations of the board itself can be changed.

Professional OSB manufacturers in China, providing the most affordable OSB prices

A collection of OSB plywood product problems

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding layers of wood strands (flakes) in a specific orientation that form a binder and then compress the wood. It was invented in 1963 by Armin Elmendorf of California. OSB may have rough and variegated surfaces, with individual strips approximately 2.5 cm by 15 cm (1.0 by 5.9 inches) placed unevenly across each other, and in various types and thicknesses.

  •  Fireproofing Options – One of the biggest benefits of OSB is the option of fireproofing. Manufacturers can fire seal the wood to make it fire resistant, which is not possible with plywood.
  •  Cheaper – No matter how you look at it, a piece of OSB is cheaper than a piece of plywood of the same size and thickness. In some cases, OSB is half the price of plywood. But in most cases, it’s about 20-30% cheaper.
  • Thicker – OSB is naturally thicker than plywood. If you pay less for a thicker board, this may be enough to convince you to choose OSB alone.
  •  Bigger sheets – OSB sheets are not only thicker, but they come in larger sheets.
  • No knots – Unlike plywood, oriented strand board does not have large knots in the wood. Knots can break and leave holes in the wood, and it’s impossible to tighten them without compromising stability. So no knots are a good thing.
  • Stability – OSB is often used instead of plywood and 2x6s or 2x4s joists due to the extra stability of the thickness and combination strategy. Plywood is not recommended to increase the stability of the joists.
  •  Environmentally friendly – Because OSB is made from fast growing and abundant renewable trees, it is more environmentally friendly.Formaldehyde-free and chemical-free versions can also be found if you are concerned.

OSB boards all use the first-class environmental protection adhesive MDI glue, in line with the higher European environmental standards EN300 standard, the finished products also meet the E0 standard, formaldehyde emission is basically zero, compared with natural wood, fully meet the current and future needs of people for environmental protection and healthy living.

Environmental protection and safety, strict selection of high-quality pine wood, MDI glue, environmental protection and health.

Strong structure, multi-layer directional paving of board core chips, eliminates the internal stress of the board, and has no internal joints. Cracks, cracks, and overall uniformity. The upper and lower surfaces are added with middle plates, which further enhances the overall strength and supports strong support.

Impact resistance, excellent static bending strength and elastic modulus performance, impact resistance.

It is not easy to deform, the density deviation in the board is small, the moisture absorption rate is low, and it is not easy to deform.

Good nail holding power, easy processing, strong screw holding power on the board surface and board edge, durable furniture, convenient processing, meet various requirements such as sawing, sand, drilling, nails, files and so on.

As a new type of environmentally friendly building decoration material, OSB board is widely used in building structure, interior decoration and design, furniture manufacturing and other fields.

  • Impact resistant – Plywood is more impact resistant than OSB. That’s why it’s often used in workshops and workbenches. It does not crack or dent under pressure like OSB, so it is also ideal for subflooring
  • – Many variants – There are many more variants of plywood than OSB. That’s why it’s used in marker boards, cabinets and even airplanes.
  • – Virtually waterproof – Plywood is very waterproof. It doesn’t swell much when exposed to water and is permeable, so it allows water to pass through without absorbing it. Another reason it’s used for subflooring.
  • – Good curves – Plywood has much better curves than OSB. It is often used for curved projects, such as eyebrow windows. Plywood is more pliable, which makes up for its thinness and provides thickness for the purpose.
  • – Solid wood – Plywood is more attractive than OSB because it looks like solid wood. This is one of the main reasons why people choose it. It has a better material appearance, whether it is present or not.
  • – Longer lasting – Plywood seems to be more durable than OSB. This may be due to its water resistance unlike OSB, which absorbs and swells when exposed to water. However, the initial price may offset this.

The structure of OSB panels is more complex than that of other panels.The top and bottom layers of OSB panels are made up of a three-layer structure with the glued particle board arranged longitudinally in the direction of its fibres and the core layer of particle board arranged horizontally.

Solid wood particle board: This type of board is made from wood or other wood trimmings that are broken into pieces, glued together under heat and pressure after the application of an adhesive. OSB boards are an upgrade from particle board. Contrary to particle board, its internal structure is regular and not broken up.

The advantages and disadvantages of OSB board


1. High environmental performance, safe to use. The standard of environmental protection is high in the world.

2. OSB board is dried and de-oiled at high temperatures, with great strength and hardness, good stability, not easy to deformation and cracking.

3. OSB boards are novel in colour and style and can meet the personalised needs of consumers.


1. Difficult to process, due to the high hardness and density of OSB board, it is not easy to nail nails into the board when processing.

2. Expensive, as the quality of OSB board is very good, so it is also very expensive.

At present, the osong plywood on the market is uneven, the choice of osb board is a headache for everyone, how to judge the authenticity of osong plywood, and now this article hopes to help everyone.

OSB plywood

  1. Look at the surface decoration layer of oriented strand board.
    OSB has clear, natural, bright color, complete, real, strong overall feeling, soft luster and delicate hand feeling;
    It has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, strong color stability, long use time and no fading.
    Blurred, indistinct is the dull color of the pattern, and usually, there is a strong “shimmer” in the finish, rather than through the overall feel.
  2. Look at the oriented strand board core.
    The directional board is made of fresh cold-belt coniferous material from the Alps. After cutting, skin and branches, crushing, drying, disinfection, high temperature and high pressure and other steps, strict processing procedures ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in the “aisle”. In order to make the directional board The core color is bright and white, no irritating odor, and has a natural pine fragrance.
    In the laying method, a thin-coarse-fine three-layer structure is adopted, and the boundaries between the layers are clear.
    Then, the structure of the domestic plate is adopted, and the gradient between the layers has no obvious boundaries.
  3. Look at the oriented strand board sheeting.
    Look at the door panels, side trim panels, and box panels of the kitchen (or other furniture). “Oriented strand board” will not bend or deform;
    On the contrary, it may not be real particleboard.

Now People In The Choice Of Plywood Products, For Osb And Plywood Should Be How To Choose Very Headache, Now Yachen Small To Tell You How To Choose.

What Is Osb?
The Acronym OSB Stands For Oriented Strand Board. It Was Invented In The 1970s When People Started To Expand What Was Then Called Waferboard. Unlike Other Scrap Boards Such As Particleboard Or Cork, OSB Is Strategically Manufactured.
The Pieces Are Simply Placed In A Certain Way To Create A Strong New Board, But Without The Waste. It Also Uses Wood From Hardwood Trees That Grow Quickly And In Abundance. The Logs Are Cut Into Lines That Are Joined With Wax.

What Is Plywood?
Although OSB Is More Popular Than Plywood, Plywood Is Still A More Common Term And Is Often Used In Place Of OSB. Plywood Is Manufactured Differently Than OSB. Plywood Is Made From Boards Stacked On Top Of Each Other.
This Wood Is The Wood Veneer And Is Glued To Other Wood Pieces With Formaldehyde. These Layers Are Stacked In A Cross-Grain Fashion So That The Wood Will Not Split. The Better The Plywood, The More Angles Are Used.

OSB1 is a non-load bearing board for general purposes, suitable for interior decoration materials and furniture in dry conditions;

OSB2 is a bearing board, suitable for dry conditions;

OSB3 is a bearing board, suitable for wet conditions;

OSB4 is a load bearing board for wet conditions.

Which level is suitable for the decoration industry?

OSB2 is mainly used in buildings and homes, and is an upgraded product of blockboard and multi-layer boards.

Which grade is suitable for the furniture industry?

OSB2 is suitable for making furniture due to its load-bearing and dimensional stability and excellent processing performance due to the reconstituted wooden structure.

Which grade is suitable for construction engineering?

OSB3 is used for indoor and outdoor structural materials and decorative materials, concrete formwork, etc.

Which grade is suitable for flooring?

The base material of OSB3 solid wood composite floor, instead of MDF, blockboard and multi-layer board, has the characteristics of moisture resistance, stable performance and no deformation.

 LP OSB can be used for flooring, roofing and on walls, it must be covered for roofs and walls. The walls will need to be sided and the roof will need tarpaper and shingles. OSB is not designed for unprotected applications.

 A 4×8′ sheet of our 7/16″ OSB weighs 45 pounds.

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