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China chipboard manufacturer

Yachen is one of the best osb board manufacturers. Our full capabilities in plywood and osb and home plywood processing ensure precise tolerances as well as competitive prices. We can produce osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb board 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, osb plywood 4×8, etc. Send us your drawings today!

Yachen: Your premier chipboard manufacturer

Yachen is a specialist panel manufacturer with chipboard production capabilities. We can produce plywood, density board, melamine board and laminate.

Yachen can produce 1.5 mm chipboard, 2 mm chipboard, white chipboard, black chipboard, architectural chipboard, etc. to provide you with a one-stop total solution for particle board.


Yachen your trusted China chipboard manufacturer and supplier.

white chipboard

black chipboard

black chipboard

grey chipboard

grey chipboard

colored chipboard

colored chipboard


8 x 4 chipboard

laminating chipboard

laminating chipboard


2mm chipboard

1.5 mm chipboard

1.5 mm chipboard

yachen: your leading chipboard manufacturer

Yachen is one of the manufacturers engaged in the production and manufacture of panels in China. We offer a one-stop solution for plywood and osb panels.

Yachen can oem osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb board 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, osb plywood 4×8 for you.

Some customers may choose osb 18mm because it has better optical visibility and better scratch resistance.

In advance, WeProFab can add an ultra-abrasive coating to your polycarbonate windscreen, which can significantly improve the durability of plastic windscreens.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of osb plywood, yachen has strict control over the manufacturing process.

In short, yachen is a one-stop solution for osb plywood manufacturers. We can supply you with osb 6mm, osb 8 mm, osb board 9mm, osb 10mm, 11mm osb, osb 12mm, osb 18mm, osb 22mm, osb 20mm, osb 25mm, osb plywood 4x so you can focus on how to create value for your customers. Send us an enquiry today; we will provide you with the perfect product.

The production plant of the relevant chipboard

Yachen has complete competence in the manufacture of OSB sheets and we can show you how to combine the right features into your product according to your final application.

Particle board laying process

Chipboard laying process

Particleboard pressing process

Chipboard pressing process

Particleboard hot pressing process

Chipboard hot pressing process


Chipboard forming

A collection of chipboard product problems

What is chipboard?

Chipboard is a board made by gluing and pressing shavings and processed scraps of wood, which can be used to make furniture, packing boxes, etc.

How to choose chipboard?

1. from the appearance, look at the cross-sectional center part of the wood particles large size and shape, the length is generally in 5-10MM length is appropriate, too long structure loose, too short deformation resistance is poor, the so-called static bending strength is not up to standard.
2. moisture resistance of man-made board depends on its density and moisture inhibitor, soaking in water moisture resistance is not good, moisture means moisture, not water resistance, so in the future use of a to distinguish between the northern regions, including northern China, northwest, northeast plate moisture content should generally be controlled at 8-10% appropriate; southern regions, including coastal areas to control between 9-14%, otherwise the plate is easy to absorb moisture deformation. .
3. surface flatness, smoothness to see, the general factory to go through about 200 # of sandpaper light, the general situation up and down is fine point good, but at some point, such as sticky fire board, etc., too fine counter to bad hanging glue.


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