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MDF Introduction

MDF board, full name medium density fiberboard, is a board made of wood fiber and synthetic resin through high temperature and high pressure composite molding. As one of the important components of modern building materials, MDF panels have been widely used in construction, furniture manufacturing, decoration and other fields.


The initial manufacturing process of MDF boards uses a road roller to heat wood chips and resin, and the wood chip-like raw materials are processed in a targeted manner, and the resin molecules in the raw materials are entangled and intertwined under pressure to form a new board. However, in the manufacturing process, due to imperfect production technology and non-standard sawdust raw materials, there are some quality problems in the process of MDF boards. For example, the surface of MDF boards is generally rough and uneven, burrs will appear on the top of the board, and the core of the board is loose, etc., which seriously affect its quality and use effect. Therefore, people continue to develop new manufacturing processes and gradually improve the production process and quality of MDF boards.

Today density boards are widely used in construction, home furnishing, decoration and other fields. In the field of construction, MDF boards can be made into boards of various shapes. Performance, stability and decoration, so it has been widely used in the interior decoration design of houses. Therefore, it is very suitable for decoration in commercial spaces. It can be used to make drawers, cabinets, door covers, floor kicks, window covers, parquet floors, etc. It can also achieve various colors and colors through printing, painting and other processing techniques. The presentation of the pattern achieves a good decorative effect, and its smooth and beautiful surface makes the interior decoration effect of the house better.

In the field of home furnishing, MDF board has strong plasticity and is easy to process. It can be processed by various processes, such as punching, engraving, and plugging. Therefore, MDF boards are very suitable for making all kinds of furniture, such as cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, chairs and so on.

In the field of decoration, MDF boards can be processed by drilling, engraving, etc., and can realize various creative DIY projects such as wall patterns, parquet floors, etc. At the same time, MDF boards have strong flatness and moisture resistance, so they can be used as ceramic tiles. The back panel can effectively prevent moisture and moisture, and at the same time, it can realize various creative DIY projects such as wall patterns, parquet floors, etc. It not only has a decorative and beautiful effect, but also is more affordable than solid wood, and is favored by consumers.

During the use of MDF boards, attention should be paid to moisture and water. Although the MDF board has stable performance and good moisture-proof ability, it may still cause problems such as deformation and cracking of the board if it is soaked in water for a long time or water accumulates in the pores. Therefore, try to avoid contact with water and humid environments during use.

In short, the MDF board has a wide range of applications, whether it is in construction, furniture, decoration or other fields, it can play an important role as a general material. With the continuous development of science and technology, the rise of computer, numerical control, laser processing, 3D printing and other technologies, the processing methods of MDF are also constantly innovating and innovating. The future application fields and innovation directions of MDF boards will be more diverse and extensive.

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