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Introduction to one-time hot-pressed plywood

  Plywood is a building material with physical properties, stable structure, light weight and easy processing. It is commonly used in furniture, vehicles, ships and other industries. Its production process requires a heat press. One-time hot pressing refers to placing multi-layer plywood sheets and glue under a certain temperature and pressure, so that the glue fully penetrates into the sheet and puts the sheet under greater pressure. After a certain period of time, the glue structure of each layer of the sheet is tight. glued together. A hot pressing time is generally between 5-10 minutes, the temperature is between 120-160 degrees Celsius, and the pressure is between 1.0-3.5MPa. The settings of these parameters will vary according to different plywood production requirements.

In a hot pressing process, the steps for making plywood are as follows:

Raw material preparation: Select high-quality wood panels as the raw materials for plywood, and cut and trim them to make them the same size and thickness.

Glue coating: Apply glue to the surface of the wood board. Commonly used glues include urea-formaldehyde glue, phenolic glue, phenolic amine glue, etc. The glue should be evenly spread on the surface of the board to ensure that each layer of glue is evenly distributed.

Lamination: Glue-coated wood panels are stacked together in a predetermined number of layers and arrangements to form an overall structure of one sheet of plywood. The grain direction of the wood in each layer is usually staggered, which increases the strength and stability of the plywood.

Preheating: Place the stacked plywood into the preheating table or preheating chamber for preheating. The purpose of preheating is to increase the temperature of the board to a certain degree of softening, which is conducive to the penetration and solidification of the glue.

Hot pressing: Put the preheated plywood into the hot press, and the machine will apply a certain temperature and pressure. When plywood is exposed to high temperature and pressure, the glue will liquefy and penetrate into the fibers of the wood panels, making the layers of panels tightly bonded together.

Cooling: After the plywood is hot pressed, take it out and place it on a cooling table or cooling chamber for cooling. The cooling process will solidify the plywood and harden the glue, allowing the plywood to reach a stable state.

Finishing and trimming: After cooling, the plywood needs to be trimmed and trimmed to remove excess glue from the edges and trim to the required size.

The above is a hot pressing process in plywood production. Through hot pressing, the glue can fully penetrate into every part of the plywood, making the plywood have high strength and stability.


One-time hot-pressed plywood has the advantages of stable structure, light weight, and easy processing. It is often used in furniture, vehicles, ships, construction, etc. The following is an introduction to the application of one-time hot-pressed plywood:

Furniture: One-time hot-pressed plywood has a smooth appearance, high strength, and diverse shapes, making it an important material in furniture manufacturing. In furniture manufacturing, one-time hot-pressed plywood is commonly used to make tables, chairs, wardrobes, cabinets and other accessories.

Vehicles: One-time hot-pressed plywood is often used in the manufacturing of cars, trains, and ships, and can be used to make parts such as bodies and carriages. One-time hot-pressed plywood has the characteristics of shock resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, making it play an important functional role in vehicles.

Ships: One-time hot-pressed plywood has excellent water resistance and can be used in ship manufacturing. It can make structural parts such as ship plates and cabin plates.

Construction: One-time hot-pressed plywood has the characteristics of high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, sound and heat insulation, etc., making it suitable for use in construction. For example, interior partition boards, roof panels, floors, etc.

In short, one hot pressing is enough to be used as a building block in all aspects. Therefore, it is widely used. With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for it will be increasing.

In addition, one-time hot-pressed plywood also has the following application characteristics:

Customizable: One-time hot-pressed plywood can be customized according to different needs. By adjusting the thickness of the board, the type of glue and the number of plywood layers, the strength, weight and other properties of the plywood can be controlled to meet the needs of different application fields.

Environmental protection: The glue used in many one-time hot-pressed plywood is environmentally friendly glue, such as phenolic resin or formaldehyde-free adhesive, to reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, wood itself is a renewable resource, and the production process of one-time hot-pressed plywood consumes relatively little energy, which is conducive to sustainable development.

Technological innovation: With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the manufacturing process of primary hot-pressed plywood is also constantly innovating. For example, with advanced hot-pressing technology, higher temperatures and pressures can be achieved, thereby improving glue permeability and plywood performance.

Surface treatment: One-time heat pressing of plywood can enhance the appearance and decorative effect by adding surface finishing materials. Commonly used surface finishing materials include thin veneer, PVC film, HPL (high pressure laminate), etc. These materials can give plywood different colors, textures and textures, increasing its aesthetics and decoration.

marine plywood film faced

In general, one-time heat-pressed plywood has a wide range of applications and flexible features. It plays an important role in various industries and provides a strong and durable material basis for various projects and products.


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