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Introduction to Okoume Plywood

Okoume plywood is a premium wooden building material made from high-quality glued timber. It is made by cross-stacking multiple layers of wood chips, bonding them with a special adhesive, and then hot-pressing them under high temperature and pressure. This type of plywood is commonly used in construction, furniture making, ship and aircraft manufacturing, and is favored for its excellent properties.

Okoume plywood is a building material made from multiple layers of glued timber. The selection and quality of its materials directly affects the performance and quality of the final product. The following is an introduction to common materials used in Okoume plywood:

Wood types: Okoume plywood usually uses high-quality natural wood as raw materials. Common wood types include pine, willow, birch, beech, etc. Different types of wood have different physical and mechanical properties, which affect the strength and durability of plywood.

Adhesives: The production process of plywood requires the use of adhesives to effectively bond the wood pieces together. Common adhesives include phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine resin, etc. High-quality adhesives can increase the strength and water resistance of plywood.

Surface treatment agent: In order to improve the surface quality and durability of Okoume plywood, its surface is often treated. For example, plywood can be made more durable and beautiful by applying a coating that’s waterproof, moisture-resistant, or abrasion-resistant.

Plywood standards: The production of Okoume plywood usually needs to comply with relevant national standards and quality inspection requirements to ensure product quality and safety. When consumers choose Okoume plywood, they can refer to the product’s standard certification to ensure that they purchase high-quality products that meet the requirements.

In summary, material selection and quality control of Okoume plywood are critical to the performance of the final product. Using high-quality raw materials, adhesives and surface treatment agents, and complying with relevant standards and testing requirements, Okoume plywood products with reliable quality and excellent performance can be manufactured.

Okoume plywood has the following notable features:

High strength: Due to its multi-layer glued structure, Okoume plywood has high bending and tensile strength and can withstand large loads, making it widely used in the construction and engineering fields.

Good durability: Okoume plywood has undergone a special treatment process and has good moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-deformation properties. It can maintain stable performance in humid or harsh environments and has a long service life.

Good processability: Okoume plywood has a flat and smooth surface and is easy to cut, punch and trim, making it widely used in the furniture manufacturing and decoration industries.

Environmentally friendly and healthy: The adhesive used in Okoume plywood meets environmental requirements. The wood is legally sourced and has been treated. No formaldehyde is released during use and is harmless to human health.

In general, Okoume plywood, as a high-quality building material, has the advantages of high strength, durability, easy processing and environmental protection. It is widely used in the construction, furniture manufacturing and decoration industries, providing reliable materials for all walks of life. choose.


Oguman plywood is a high-quality building material with high strength, durability and processability, and is widely used in various fields. Here are some of the main applications of Okoume plywood:

Construction field: Okoume plywood is widely used in flooring, wall panels, roofs, beams and columns and other structural parts in the construction field. Its high strength and good stability make it an important material in building structures. It can withstand large loads and ensure the safety and stability of buildings.

Furniture manufacturing: Okoume plywood is often used to make various furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. Its surface is flat and smooth, easy to process and polish, and the furniture made from it is beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Ship manufacturing: Because Okoume plywood has excellent moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties, it is often used in ship manufacturing, such as making hulls, bulkheads, bulkheads and other parts. The durability and stability of Okoume plywood ensures long-term use of the vessel.

Aircraft manufacturing: Okoume plywood also has important applications in aircraft manufacturing, such as being used to make aircraft interiors, bulkheads, seats and other components. Its light weight and high strength meet the material quality requirements of aircraft.

Decoration industry: Okoume plywood is also commonly used in interior decoration, decoration and other fields, such as wall decorative panels, ceiling panels, furniture surface coverings, etc. With its beautiful appearance and solid texture, it can add comfort and beauty to indoor environments.

In general, Okoume plywood, as a high-quality building material, has a wide range of applications, including construction, furniture, ships, aircraft manufacturing and decoration industries, providing stable, durable and beautiful solutions for various industries. Its excellent performance makes it a popular choice in many industries.

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