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Introduction to Finger Joint Lumber Boards

Finger joint lumber board is a commonly used building material made from multiple layers of thin wood or plywood sheets through a Finger joint lumber process. This material has excellent properties and a wide range of uses, and is widely used in furniture manufacturing, architectural decoration, packaging boxes and other fields.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of finger joint lumber board includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: Choose high-quality wood as raw materials, usually wood with higher density and uniform texture.

Cutting: Cutting raw materials into sheets of suitable size, usually between 2 and 4 mm thick.

Drying: The cut wood chips need to be dried to ensure the stability and durability of the plywood.

Finger joint lumber : The dried wood chips are plugged together according to certain specifications and order to form a multi-layer structure.

Gluing: Glue the inserted wood pieces, usually using environmentally friendly glue to ensure a strong bond between the layers.

Pressing: The glued plywood needs to go through a high-temperature and high-pressure pressing process to ensure full penetration of the glue and ensure the density and strength of the board.

Trimming: Pressed plywood requires trimming and finishing to ensure a flat, smooth surface.

Quality inspection: Finally, the plywood is quality inspected to ensure that the product meets relevant standards and requirements.

Performance characteristics of finger joint lumber board

Finger joint lumber board is a building material made from multiple layers of thin wood or plywood sheets through a finger joint lumber process. It has many excellent performance characteristics, making it popular in a variety of applications. The following are the main performance characteristics of finger joint lumber board:

Stability: finger joint lumber board is composed of multiple layers of wood or plywood sheets. This structure effectively disperses the stress inside the board, thereby greatly improving the stability of the board. Compared with materials made of single wood, finger joint lumber board is not easily affected by humidity changes or temperature changes, is less prone to warping, cracking, etc., and maintains a long-term stable shape.

Strength: Due to its multi-layer construction and gluing technology, finger joint lumber board has high strength. It is able to withstand greater pressure and weight, and has excellent flexural and compressive strength, making it excellent in load-bearing and support.

Durability: After gluing and pressing, the surface of the finger joint lumber board is smooth and strong, and it is not easily damaged by daily use and external environment. It has high durability, can maintain good appearance and performance for a long time, reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and reduces the cost of use.

Environmental protection: Environmentally friendly glue is commonly used in the manufacturing process of modern plug-in plywood, which meets environmental protection requirements. Compared with traditional wood processing technology, the production process of plug-in plywood reduces environmental pollution and is a more environmentally friendly building material choice.

Processability: Plug-in plywood has excellent processing performance and can be cut, drilled, engraved, etc. as needed, and has high flexibility. This enables finger joint lumber board to meet various design needs in furniture manufacturing, architectural decoration and other fields, providing designers and manufacturers with more design freedom.

Diversity: finger joint lumber board can be customized in various specifications and sizes according to different needs and uses, and different types of wood or plywood sheets can be selected for manufacturing to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.

Application areas

Furniture manufacturing: finger joint lumber board is often used to make furniture tabletops, chair backs and other components, and has good flatness and stability.

Architectural decoration: In architectural decoration, plugged plywood is often used as wall, ceiling and other decorative materials, with good decorative effect and durability.

Packaging boxes: Due to the high strength and stability of finger joint lumber board, it is often used to make various packaging boxes to protect the goods from damage.

Vehicle manufacturing: In the manufacturing of vehicles such as cars and ships, spliced plywood is often used for interior decoration and structural support.

Overall, as a high-quality building material, finger joint lumber board has a wide range of uses and good performance, providing reliable solutions in various fields.


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