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Introduction to film faced plywood

Film faced plywood is a very high quality construction plywood which is commonly used in formwork work, construction sites and home decoration. Film faced plywood has many excellent properties, such as its high strength, water resistance, fire resistance, wear resistance, and easy cleaning. In addition, its surface is coated with a layer of imported Phenolic Film, which not only prevents air and water erosion, but also exerts a positive aesthetic, reflecting its practicality and beauty. Film faced plywood has a long service life and can be reused many times, which is of great help to work efficiency and material costs during the construction process. In short, Film faced plywood is a high-quality, high-performance and durable building material that can effectively support work in the fields of building construction, residential construction and interior decoration.


The advantages of Film faced plywood are not limited to its outer surface coating, its glue layer is also excellent, which means its construction is strong, durable and stable. It is made of multiple layers of high-quality thin wooden boards laminated together with moisture-proof glue in the middle. It undergoes multiple complex processes such as high temperature and high pressure during pressing to ensure its density and strength. This kind of glue has strong moisture-proof ability. Even if it is corroded by humid air for a long time, it still has extremely high bending torsion resistance and load-bearing capacity. In addition, the quality of Film faced plywood is very stable, and its excellent properties such as structure, size and flatness also make it one of the preferred materials in the construction industry.

It is worth mentioning that Film faced plywood is not only used as a building material, but can also be widely used in other fields. For example, it can be used as art processing materials, audio room partitions, industrial molds, etc. Therefore, Film faced plywood is widely welcomed in the market and has now become one of the necessary materials in the field of construction and decoration.

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In addition to the advantages mentioned before, Film faced plywood also has the following significant advantages:

Environmental protection: The production process of Film faced plywood uses environmentally friendly materials and processes and follows the principles of sustainable development. The adhesive it uses complies with international environmental protection standards, does not release formaldehyde, and is harmless to human health. At the same time, Film faced plywood can be reused, reducing the demand for wood resources and helping to protect the environment.

Shock resistance: Because Film faced plywood uses multi-layer gluing technology, its internal structure is stronger. This allows it to show better seismic resistance when resisting external impacts and earthquakes, and can provide safer support for buildings.

Surface flatness: The surface of Film faced plywood has been specially treated and has high flatness and smoothness, making it suitable for occasions that require high standards of surface quality. This makes it very popular for stencil work, helping to accurately replicate the surface effects required by a design.

Easy to install and maintain: Film faced plywood has high dimensional stability, can accurately fit the building structure, and the installation process is simple and fast. At the same time, its surface coating is smooth and easy to clean, making it easy to maintain and maintain.


Overall, Film faced plywood is a versatile, high-performance building material with durability, environmental protection and good appearance. Whether on construction sites, home decoration or other fields, Film faced plywood has shown its important position in material selection.

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