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History of PS Wall Board

PS wallboard is a very popular wall decoration material nowadays. It is often used to display various decorative designs of the wall, making the wall more beautiful and fashionable. The English name of PS wallboard is Polystyrene foam board, so what is the historical origin of PS wallboard? Where does it start to be slowly accepted by people? Let’s explore the history of PS wallboard, a magical material, with me!

Invention of PS foam

Foamed polystyrene, referred to as PS foam, is a plastic material made of foamed polystyrene. PS foam material was first invented and manufactured by German chemist Heinrich Caro in the 1930s. It is mainly used in sound insulation, heat preservation, packaging and other fields.

Application of PS foam material

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, energy saving and other issues, more and more PS foam materials have been applied to construction, electronics, home appliances, transportation, packaging and other fields.

The invention and application of PS wallboard

Due to the continuous development and application expansion of PS foam materials, a novel PS wallboard was finally born. It is reported that the main function of the earliest PS wallboard is to decorate the interior wall, and it is gradually favored by the market. It adds various fillers and additives to PS foam, and after many times of research and development and improvement, it finally becomes a new type of wall decoration material.

The material of PS wallboard is light and easy to construct, environmentally friendly and fireproof, and it also has the effect of sound absorption and sound insulation. These advantages make it popular in the market rapidly. The emergence of PS wallboard makes the choice of interior wall decoration materials more abundant, and it has become a fashionable and beautiful wall decoration material. At the same time, it is also very simple in use. It can be pasted on the wall with glue or plastering materials, and the installation process is also very simple.

Upgrading and development of PS wallboard

With the continuous progress of society and people’s pursuit of indoor environmental quality, PS wall panels have also been continuously upgraded, and are now widely used in commercial buildings, medical institutions, educational institutions and other fields. In the development process of PS wallboard, its production process has also been continuously improved, greatly increasing its applicability and cost performance. Unlike ordinary tiles and wallpapers, PS wall panels do not require brick and tile construction and pasting, are easy to install, easy to disassemble and replace, and save a lot of time and cost at the same time.

In general, with the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the continuous breakthrough of science and technology, PS wallboard has also been continuously developed and improved, and has become an indispensable interior wall decoration material. In the future market, PS wall panels will continue to expand their business areas and become the first choice for many people in indoor landscaping.

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